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Niku at Houston

Niku Foundation was invited by its supports in Houston, Texas for two nights in October.

On Friday October 26th, two of the founders of Niku along with one of the Acid Splash victims shared their goals, obstacles and their personal accounts. Many of the audience showed their support by offering their financial and voluntary help , and even their home for future patients. We learned about some medical facilities and doctors in Houston America’s best medical center, including Shriner Hospital that works specifically with kids who are burn victims.

On Saturday October 27th at IRIC, Niku was welcomed by many Houstonians who were interested in learning about Niku and being part of it. After a brief introduction by Mr. Hormoz Mogarei, Somayeh one of the Acid victims and Mrs.Naseri explained Niku’s goals and challenges. The participants showed their supports by offering financial contributions, volunteering their time ,or their medical services.

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