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Helping Acid Splash Victims

In some underdeveloped and third-world countries, women and children are being victimized regularly. They are considered as the “weaker” race and therefore are being discriminated against…

In the past two years, Niku Charity Foundation, International (NCFI) has found out that unfortunately even minor resistance of women and children in those countries can and will cause permanent damage and disfigurement to them.

In 2011, NCFI learned about a 5-year old girl, who was blinded by her uncle putting construction Alkaline in her eyes….Supposedly to teach her a lesson! A lesson that even after having 8 different operations in the U.S., was not reversible!

In 2012, Niku worked on a case of a 29-year old woman, who was splashed acid on her face, neck, chest and hands, leaving her blind in both eyes and disfigured in other areas…

We at Niku believe that the solution lies in:

  1. Providing Medical, physiological and psychological help and treatments to the victims
  2. Raising awareness at the Global level about this crime & injustice against women & children.

Although, the experience is a daunting one, the overwhelming support and help from different groups and masses are quite promising and admirable!

Contact us by telephone, e-mail or regular mail, if you wish to offer your help & support. We always accept financial help at bank of America Account #.

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