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Niku in DC Area

On Friday Oct19th, my friends and I organized a charity party event to gather all Iranians in our community. My purpose of the gathering was for everyone to meet Mrs. Yassi and get to know about Niku’s Charity
Foundation and most important of all Somayeh(an acid victim).
Our guests had lots of fun and kindly greeted Somayeh, they were all anxious to meet her and were very supportive of her.
We had Mobey Dick house of Kabob & Alborz Restaurant and few other vendors donating gift certificate for our raffles that we sold in our party. DJ Ani kindly accepted to volunteer.
At first, we were hesitant to ask everyone to volunteer or to donate gift certificate but everyone was very supportive.

This party was for a good cause and everyone had fun. We had great feedback everyone had requested for another one. Hopefully, we will have another one in the near future.

Thank you everyone for all your support.

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