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Dr. Jamal Yousefi

Masoumeh’s horrifically disfigured features are heartbreaking evidence of an unpleasant action that is mutilating hundreds of women each year. 1000s of women are victims of acid attacks each year around the world. This total figure is not exact
since many of these attacks are not reported especially in developing countries. These attacks are usually aimed for the face, leaving the victims permanently disfigured for life.

Dr. Jamal Yousefi, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is one of the doctors in the Washington, DC area helping an acid burn victim to improve appearance of her face.

Yes angels walk amongst us….Thanks to Dr. Yousefi and his caring staff.


Dr. Michael Duplessie

In 2011, Yassi, one of Niku’s founders, brought the 5-year old Fatemeh, and in 2012, Somayeh the 29-year was brought to the U.S. for medical attention. They were both victims of domestic violence. All along both of these individuals have been Yassi’s “guests” in her house.

In Virginia, Dr. Michael Duplessie has been generously operating numerous times on Fatemeh, and on Somayeh. He and his staff, not only performed these operations free of charge, they have even paid for some of the necessary items for these procedures! Niku Charity is indebted to Dr. Duplessie and his office, indeed!

Yassi has been able to negotiate similar deals with Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, where Somayeh is receiving some of the treatments.

With the help of its supporters, Niku has had several fundraisers in San Jose & Oakland, CA at (Bonyad Towhid and ICCNC respectively), in Houston, TX at IRIC and a few more in New Jersey and in Virginia. So far, all the medical tests, exams and procedures not covered by acts of benevolence, have been paid out via these funds.

Yassi has had to renew the visas of her “guests” a few times now and our fellow attorney at ICCNC has helped, that we are grateful! Meanwhile, another friend completed and turned in the 501-c application and another generous supporter of Niku, a young attorney from Beverly Hills will apply for the OFAC license, when our 501-C application is approved.

In Virginia, a young lady is working hard on creating the Niku Website, in Houston, another young lady is doing most of our PR and we at Niku, are quite appreciative of their acts of kindness, volunteerism and generosity.

As we go through the last few days in 2012, we found it necessary to thank you, one more time! May you & your family enjoy this festive time of the year in Happiness and Health!