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When Caring & Responsible people see the dimensions of tragedy through news and information, that Niku publishes, they often ask: “How may I help Niku Charity”?

Well, the most important way one can help is by being on our e-mail list and getting the information, regularly! An “informed” mind makes better decisions! You can then help us spread the news and information and mobilize people, who want to help this cause. These individuals could be Physicians, Attorneys, Bloggers and others, who may wish to financially help Niku Charity. In summary, you can help us by:

  1. Being on our e-mail list, and getting informed.
  2. Helping us spread the news, needs and information.
  3. Helping us set-up informational/fundraising events in different cities.
    1. So far, Niku has been in Oakland, San Jose, Houston, Maryland, New York and in D.C. area
    2. Other Cities need to know about this cause, the needs and the extent of this Social phenomenon!
  4. Helping us financially, as much and as often as you comfortably can through:

    Bank of America, Account # 164108-559784
    Routing # 121-000-358

Stay with us and TOGETHER, we can move mountains!

Hormoz Mogarei

Niku Charity, Co-founder