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Soudbeh is a 24 year-old girl from Malayer, Iran who in 1989 was severely injured by a gas tank explosion in her house which burned her face, ears, body and both hands. Soudbeh’s father was killed in this accident. Soudbeh’s family consists of her mother, three sisters and a disabled brother. The family has no income at this time. For the past year the family has moved to Tehran and has been residing in a rented house in the Gholeh Hassan Khan region. So far the money for rent and daily expenses has been provided by the people in the community. Although we have helped this family in the past by providing intermittent money for rent and daily expenses, we soon realized that this family is in need of a stable and dependable financial assistance. Last year we took on the responsibility of following up with Soudbeh’s medical care and cost of treatment. Until today several surgical repair procedures have been performed on Soudbeh’s hands. However due to substandard medical care in the early stages and secondary complications such as possibility for gangrene affecting the hands and the upper extremities the progress has been very slow. Prior to her injuries Soudbeh was a very talented artisan and an expert in handmade arts and crafts. Prior to her injuries Soudbeh’s art work was a significant source of her family’s income. Regaining function in her hands and being able to return to her art work remains Soudbeh’s dream at this time.