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Ehteraam is a young lady from the village of Asad Abad near the city of Hamedan, Iran.  She is married with one child. Last year as a result of a propane gas tank explosion Ehteraam suffered severe burns on her hands and her chest area extending up to her lower lip. Ehteraam’s husband works for the city government and they have no health insurance. Last year through a volunteer from the Asad Abad Red Crescent (Iranian equivalent to Red Cross) we learned about Ehteraam and since then we have been involved in her medical care and aiding with her cost of her treatment. We have so far been able to pay for her family’s health insurance for one year. She has undergone two surgical repair procedures at the Shafa Yahyayian Hospital which Ehteraam claims has restored much of the function to her hands and upper extremities. Since Ehteraam suffered lung damage secondary to smoke inhalation it is not possible to perform surgery to her face and chest under anesthesia at this time. Ehteraam is a cosmetologist by profession and prior to her injuries her income was a significant help to her family. However since the accident she has been unable to work.