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Campaign for the cure of Ashkan  Hejazimoghadam, and in support of the fight against cancers affecting children and adolescents, in support of people and scientific research to ensure more effective medical treatments against leukemia.

It is possible to support the Ashkan Hejazimoghadam Foundation with an SMS from a mobile phone (510) 750 2605 or a landline call to the number 510.. to give children and young people suffering from cancer the hope of fighting this terrible illness giving another chance at life.

The proceeds from the fundraising will make it possible to finance leukemia treatments, in particular a treatment protocol for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (CLL/SLL) (ALL) which represents 75% of leukemia cases affecting all ages.

Supporting this project is fundamental, because it allows patients to receive immediate and highly effective care, thanks to cutting-edge therapies. In fact, although the disease-free survival rate 5 years after diagnosis has gone from less than 10% in the early 1960s to the current 80%, recent studies demonstrate that it is currently very difficult to further improve these results by simply intensifying chemotherapy.

It is therefore necessary to develop new combinations of first-line treatments, also using more targeted non-chemotherapeutic drugs and treatments, according to the logic of precision medicine, to get as close as possible to treating all young patients with (CLL/SLL) ( LLA). Developing these treatments therefore represents for patients affected by this disease a hope of recovery and another chance at life.

The treatment protocols provide the operational guidelines for taking care of and treating each patient, according to the highest and most innovative international standards, thus guaranteeing the best chance of recovery.

The Foundation was created to support patients by providing a profile and is committed to scientific dissemination. Ashkan is a final year dental student in Belarus. Let’s support Ashkan to save him from the arms of death. 

Solidarity number (510) 750 2605 – Donation value $5 or $10 via mobile text message. Or each call from a landline with Convergenze.

How to donate to Ashkan  Hejazi Moghadam 2023 Foundation?
Support research, support life.
DONATE ONLINE via credit card, online bank transfer, PayPal.


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